It’s spring! In the mountains this means spring snow, ski touring, end of season specials, festivals, concerts and chilling out on sunny terraces. Discover the best bits of an end of the ski season in the Grand Bornand.

Ski de randonnée dans les Aravis


Spring skiing is not the same as those fresh powder days at the beginning of the winter season, however it still remains an amazing time to ski (or snowboard)!

This time of the year it is warmer, during the day the sun melts the snow making it a little softer in the afternoons, and then it hardens again during the night. You may have heard the snow is pretty hard in the morning and slushing in the afternoon, however it’s all about knowing where the best places to go at the right time of the day… and Starski can help you with exactly that!

But what can you expect? Safer off-piste for early risers, varied outdoor activities, the opportunity to try out ski touring in the morning or snowboarding in the afternoon. You’ll and your children will enjoy the slopes, milder temperatures and conditions that are more pleasant than the cold and wintery months of freezing fingers. 


To make the most of these lovely milder temperatures, nothing is better than a ski touring session at sunrise. You’ll start your ascent up the mountain in the calm, with the first rays of the sunshine, far away from the crowds. The snow, being re-frozen overnight, allows you to climb without too much effort as our skis do not sink deep into the crust, unlike in powder snow.


In the afternoon, the snow can turn quickly. Some say like slush, however this is not a negative word in all senses. This is the perfect time for beginners to indulge in new winter sports as the soft snow cushions falls. For you athletes who have not worked out enough in the morning, snowboarding could be the perfect activity for a fun filled afternoon. You can start your first turns or why not try out a little bit of freestyle in the snow park!


Here are a few races, challenges and other activities, in the Grand Bornand, enough to delight the whole family!

GLISSE EN CŒUR (17 – 20 March)

Glisse en Cœur is the number 1 charity event in the French mountains, with more than 2.6 million euros in donations given to associations working for children in the past 12 years. The principle ? Skiing in teams, 24-hour non-stop relays and plenty more. This year, all profits are donated to the association Mon École ExtraOrdinaire, a structure that helps with the education of children who are unable to join conventional schooling (autisms, learning disabilities, high potential, etc.).


The Grand Parcours is an event that brings together all mountain lovers. It allows people to discover or improve their skills in ski touring and splitboarding. It’s also an opportunity to understand the mountain environment better in order to help protect it. You will be supervised by qualified volunteers and high mountain guides on various dedicated routes, composed of thematic workshops.


The Grand Bornand champions did well in the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and other competitions this year! Come and celebrate their medals during a gathering on the snow front where you’ll be able to meet them all.

So, there you have it, it’s now up to you to come and play with Starski this spring and take full advantage of the last weeks of the season!

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